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Aug 18, 2012 1:35am PDT
obscenities as cbs reporter juliette goodrich shows us international criticism grows louder by the man that >>> women of the provocative of punk rock group " pussy ryan " students and a court room the judge found them guilty of hooliganism and inciting religious hatred and sentenced them to two years in prison. in february they burst into moscow's main cathedral and belted out an anti-government protest song calling on the virgin mary to throw out the russian president he has close ties to the orthodox church opposition leaders say he is cracking down on dissent and free speech. the all female ponte ban captures international attention protests are going on throughout the bay area at justin herman plaza in san francisco. this afternoon and outside the russian consulate in san francisco demonstrators dressed like band members. >>> my friends would not come here and support me they're afraid they are afraid they'll reach out for us and i'm a little bit afraid >>> celebrities like paul mccartney and madonna call on the band members to be free the women have been jailed for five months and
Aug 24, 2012 1:35am PDT
for the u.s. bracket title juliette goodrich with the crowd. >>> petaluma on the map and in this theater it became the field of dreams on the silver screen. today's game a must win for petaluma, it was in williamsport pennsylvania against little leaguers from texas. this town as a superstition for these boys to went they raab keds had. the grand slam proves the superstition of life. for the younger fans they could not be prouder of their friends. >>> it is amazing i can't believe petaluma on the map >>> this hmong will catch a flight to pennsylvania tomorrow. >>> is probably still excited. >>> until saturday's game petaluma will hold its breath and rub dad's head. juliette goodrich cbs 5 >>> california said to do something no other state would do, the rule change that would revolutionize the women get birth control. >>> great news for women in california >>> one of the world's most iconic image as it is not part of california's marine sanctuary that could change. the last few minutes of the,,,,, >>> touchdown confirm or sit on mars >>> big cheers from nasa and after the mars rover landed
Aug 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
in an exclusive gated community leads to fisticuffs juliette goodrich on how one of the wives and up dead. >>> alamo a quiet family community near mount diablo the last reported murder 10 years ago an ongoing dispute between next door neighbors over property lines turn deadly this week, residents in this gated community shot. >>> an affluent community in this hamlet tucked away and safe raising kids and living here wonderful >>> it is crime free or used to be >>> this is a heavily secured area general public not allowed to go or i am standing, beyond the gates are to neighbors who reportedly been in tangled in a civil dispute for years ending in deadly violence sheriff's deputy save 59 year-old michael lippman got into a fight with his neighbor monday morning during the altercation lead man knocked his neighbor's wife to the ground caused her to hit her head on the cement driveway she later died at hospital. alamo residents cannot believe that >>> but i did not hear anything about it it is horrible >>> let man charged with homicide and assault with a deadly weapon he was booked into marti
Aug 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
is moving again on the golden gate bridge after police tell us a man climbed one of the towers juliette goodrich with more. an unsettling evening, caught in the middle of this traffic jam during heavy fog heavy police activity on the golden gate bridge at 8:00 p.m. this evening first reports came in, a man climbing the south tower he climbed down and left a bag on the sidewalk and went back up this all happened during the thick of traffic that the fog made it difficult to spot anything or anyone on the cables. police shut down the sidewalks. >>> nothing just that someone ran up their and will be comes down. >>> did they tell you now walk along the span >>> you cannot walk there is blocked off both east and west bound pedestrian ways are and shut down. i'm cold and stranded and hungry >>> net digits it police activity >>> i did not think there was anything at of the ordinary, >>> back out here live along the golden gate bridge traffic now moving in both directions san francisco police spokesperson said the fog prevented them from spotting a man the don't know how ip how high he climbed a
Aug 17, 2012 10:00pm PDT
juliette goodrich cbs 5 >>> people camp out in the east bay not because it is a nice night, they are waiting to buy homes that have not gone on the market yet christin ayers and san ramon people say this is the chance of a lifetime. >>> this is something we have not seen since the real-estate boom years of 2005/2006 people camping out all to snap up of home when the newest batch hits the market tomorrow. >>> with been here for two weeks with kantor day and night we are number one on the list and get the plot of our choice >>> this will be my fourth day in a row >>> the people camping here day and night for weeks have one goal >>> to have this beautiful house that we have been waiting for so long >>> this brand new subdivision goes on the market to more of these buyers want first crack in a competitive market that means breaking out the tent. >>> it is like of the drop and competitive >>> this realtor has worked here 34 years and says the market has not been this competitive since before the housing market burst >>> inventory has been shrinking the market this has been down
Aug 2, 2012 11:00pm PDT
appearing juliette goodrich cbs 5 >>> in san leandro man an elderly driver lost control of his car and get a pedestrian and another vehicle. this happened at 6:30 p.m. near the bart station witnesses say the man was driving sporadically. >>> i saw a car crossover the bushes hit the media and, can directly at me >>> his car was set but he was ok the elderly drivers and pedestrians were taken to the hospital. >>> pg&e knocking on doors telling people have to rip up everything in their backyard more than one dozen homes on san lucas avenue in mountain view affected. pg & e's says it is in the name of safety. kiet do tells us the city is getting involved >>> pg&e begins and out raged campaign to 15 families telling them everything in their backyard has to be ripped out one neighbor says not so fast. a spinal cord injury makes it hard for him to get outside his backyard japanese garden is the closest thing he has pg&e says all backyards on the street said on an easement of a gas pipeline the same one that exploded in san bruno as part of a refocus on safety the company says it needs access in c
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)